2021-2022 Schedule
We are accepting fall registrations NOW! Classes fill up quickly. Reserve your spot via email or call us. 
See below for tuition prices
4:00-5:00  4-5yr Hip Hop 
4:00-5:00  Petite Co. Tap (last year mini co) *NEW addition to their co. training
5:00-6:00  Petite Co. Barre/Ballet (last year mini co)
6:00-7:00  Junior Co. Barre/Pointe (last year petite co)
7:00-8:00  11+Up Modern/Contemporary 
8:00-9:00  11+Up Jazz

4:00-6:00  Junior Company (last year petite co)
6:00-7:00  11-13yr Hip Hop  
7:00-8:00  11&up Ballet/Lyrical
8:00-9:00  14+Up Hip Hop

4:00-5:00  Junior Co. Tap (last year petite co)
4:00-5:00  6-7yr Hip Hop
5:00-6:00  BOYS Hip Hop 
5:00-6:00  TUMBLING Advanced or any level wanting to work on tumble/acro skills
6:00-7:00  8-10yr Tap
6:00-8:30/9:00  Senior Company (last year junior co)
7:30-8:30  11+Up Tap

4:00-5:30  Petite Company (last year mini co)
4:00-5:00  6-7yr Jazz/Tumbling 
5:00-6:00  6-7yr Ballet/Tap
5:30-6:30  8-10yr Hip Hop 
6:30-7:30  8-10yr Ballet
6:30-7:30  Senior Co. Barre/Pointe 
7:30-8:30  Senior Co.Tap  

3:30-4:30  4-5yr  Jazz/Tumbling
4:30-5:30  8-10yr Jazz/Tumbling
5:30-6:30  8-10yr Modern/Contemporary

9:00-10:00 4-5yr Ballet/Tap 
10:15-11:00  2-3yr  Creative Ballet/Tap 

$60 per month (based on 1 hour class per week)
$58 per month (based on 45 min class per week)
$200 per month UNLIMITED (based on 4 or more hours of classes per week) 
$185 Petite Co. Rate (based on 3 1/2 hours of classes per week) 
$330 Unlimited Family Rate

​Private Lessons Available:
If you prefer to not participate in a group dance
setting, we are offering private lessons. 
30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour sessions.
Please either email or call us to inquire about 
private dance lessons.