April/May 2019 Newsletter

*April Vacation: Studio will close for April Vacation Monday April 15 - Sunday April 21. Wishing all our students and family a wonderful Spring Break. 

*Dress Rehearsal: Saturday June 8 at the Amesbury High School
All students must arrive at the high school promptly at 9:30 AM. The rehearsal will then start at approximately 10:00 AM. Please come fully dressed in your first costume of the show and hair done. There will be no time to do hair before the rehearsal begins. No make-up during rehearsal. This is a Mandatory rehearsal for All students. The rehearsal fee is $10.00 per student and is due during ticket sales. The rehearsal is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC except for the students, one parent/guardian for each student ages 7 years and younger, and our crew. Students 8 years and older will not be allowed to bring a parent. We have plenty of backstage helpers that keep it organized and running well for all other students. Students and parents must go to the sign in table upon arrival. Pick up times for students will be announced closer to the recital date.

*Show Time:  Saturday June 8
  4:00 PM
  Amesbury High School 

All students must arrive back at the high school No Later Than 3:00 PM. Go directly to the sign in table and then to your assigned dressing room. Arrive in Full Costume, Hair and Make-Up for your first routine in the show!
The doors will open to the public at 3:30 PM and until this time, ONLY Rap N Tap Crew is allowed in the auditorium!

*Recital Tickets: You can sell as many tickets as you want there is no ticket limit! We are very excited to announce that we will be doing RESERVED seating again this year. Tickets sales will be on a First Come First Serve basis. There will be a seating chart that you can choose the seats you would like. Once seats are chosen they will be highlighted so nobody else can take those seats. In order to keep the tickets sales as organized as possible and not interfere with classes we will hold 2 days for all tickets sales. The days are Sunday May 19th from 9am - 12pm and Monday May 20th from 5-7pm. We have SOLD OUT the past couple years so we highly recommend purchasing your tickets on Sunday. All students must purchase their tickets during these 2 days listed above along with the Recital Dress Rehearsal Fee of $10 per student. Tickets are CASH or MONEY ORDER only and are $20 per ticket. NO checks will be accepted. Please plan accordingly because we will NOT sell any tickets until 9am May 19. Please avoid asking others to purchase your tickets. We ran into a lot of issues with this in past years. Please note that the first few rows will be taking for Shantell and Carolyn’s Family and some other seats for 
Rap n Tap instructors!  

  * $20.00 per ticket
  * $22.00 at the door (providing seating is still available)
Also, you must be up to date on all payments owed to Rap N Tap in order to purchase recital tickets.

*Parent Observance:  As a Reminder, Our last parent observance will be during the week of Saturday May 4 - Friday May 10. It is very important that parents with young children attend this observance. We will go over many details about dress rehearsal/recital including hair and make-up so please make the necessary arrangements to attend. All costumes will be handed out during this time. We recommend not to bring other children to the observance. Parent observance does not apply to company classes.

 *Picture Day: All pictures will be taken here at Rap N Tap on Saturday May 18th between 
10:00 AM - 1:30 PM. Please refer to the Picture Time Slot Notice (will be passed out beginning of May) for your exact picture times and the picture order form for all prices. Directly after the class picture is taken that day, you may choose to do an individual picture. All students in each class must participate in your class picture. There is absolutely no obligation to buy the class photo. Please show up for your picture 15 minutes prior and be in FULL costume, hair and make-up. All dance company dancers pictures will be taking during the last hour so you don’t have to be there all day J Recreational class pictures will be spread out throughout the first 2 ½ hours. 

*Video: Our Recital will be professionally video taped by Video Memories. You can choose to have the recital on a DVD or a higher quality USB Thumb drive in HD. Amount per recital DVD is $45.00 or $50.00 for the USB Thumb drive in HD. Even if your child is in only one routine, by purchasing the recital DVD/USB you have purchased a precious memory that can never be erased! Absolutely NO videotaping is allowed during recital. If anyone is caught videotaping then that person will have to leave the premises immediately. We ask that everyone takes this rule seriously. Having a professional videographer for our Rap N Tap recitals is a service we do not want to lose! Video order forms will be passed out shortly along with Summer Class and  
Recital T-shirt forms.

*Last Shoe Order: Please check all your dance shoes and make sure they fit properly. If you will need new shoes, you will also have to get measured and pay in full during the week of 
May 4-10. Checks payable to Rap N Tap. We will not be able to accept late orders or payments so please plan accordingly. 

*Attendance:  Attendance is EXTREMELY important from here on out! All classes will be preparing for recital and is hard to do when there are a lot of absences. If you are sick or have something important going on and have to miss class then please call the studio ahead of time and notify us of your absence. 

*June Tuition: Tuition is based and calculated on a 10 month payment plan. Rates do not vary month to month therefore full tuition is due for the month of June.

*A Couple Of Notes:
1. Any student with an unpaid balance for lessons or have not paid the $10.00 dress rehearsal fee at the end of the dance year, will not be permitted to perform in the show. There will be no exception to the rule! 

2. All teachers and students have been working extra hard to put on the 32nd recital and are looking forward to showing off their hard work and dedication!


  *Facebook and Instagram: Rap n Tap has a Facebook page and Instagram. We invite all our students, families and friends to please 'LIKE' our Facebook page and follow our Instagram. All important studio news,closings,updates etc.. will be posted on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you! 



  *We are still accepting new students providing classes are not full.
  *This is a friendly reminder that all Monthly tuition is due the first week of each month. Our late fee policy will be applied to all late payments.
  *Please do not use cell phones in classes. Please put in a dance bag or Purse with volume OFF.
  *Please Secure your hair tightly away from face and wear proper dance attire/dance shoes.
  *No gum chewing in dance class.
  *Please pick up after yourselves, remain seated quietly in waiting room andno hanging out in hallway. Please stay in waiting room until the teacher lines class up!
  *Please write your name on all your dance wear and dance shoes.