October 2018 Newsletter

  *Last Shoe Order: We will be placing our last dance shoe order on Saturday October 27. If you need dance shoes please speak with your instructor so you can get measured. Make sure to place your order no later than October 27. Our next shoe order will not be until we get closer to competition and recital. Please take a moment to make sure you have the correct dance shoes for each class and make sure they fit properly.

  *Partial Costume Payment: During the week of Friday 
November 2 - Thursday November 8 , your partial costume payment will be collected. $45.00 per costume will be due at this time. There is one costume per class with exception of company classes that have more routines. You will receive your partial costume payment bill with the total amount due by mid October. In most cases, each costume will run between $75.00 - $85.00. (recital is OPTIONAL)

  * Rap N Tap Dance Wear On Sale: We will be selling Rap N Tap Hooded Pull Over Sweat Shirts, Team Jackets, Dance Shorts, Sport Bras, T-shirts and Dance Bags all with our Rap N Tap Logo on them. There will be samples of everything listed above to look at in our office with the exception of the dance shorts and sports bra. All these items are on sale from now until Saturday October 27. Students LOVE to wear something that has their dance studio logo on it and our items make for great Christmas gifts and will be in prior to Christmas Vacation! As a reminder, all Senior, Junior, Petite and Mini Company Dancers and any student competing must purchase the Team jacket and the Black Dance shorts with Logo to wear at competitions. This is a REQUIREMENT in order to compete in upcoming Competitions. Please make sure the jacket and shorts still fits properly. If they are too small or big please order a new ones! Please see below for all sizes and prices.

  *Columbus Day: The studio will be CLOSED on Columbus Day Monday October 8.

  *Bring A Friend Week: Bring a friend to your dance class during the week of Monday October 1 - Saturday October 6. Nothing beats dancing with your friends! 

  *Birthday Party: We offer dance birthday parties here at Rap N Tap! For more information give us a call or throw us an email.


​ 1. TEAM JACKET: Black and White jacket with Pink and White Rap N Tap logo on back and same logo on front corner. All students can purchase this item but is Mandatory for all Senior, Junior, Petite, Mini and any student competing. 
  PRICE: $60.00 ADULT SIZES: S,M,L,XL,2X,3X (add $4 for 2X and 3X) YOUTH SIZES: XXS,S,M,L

  2. BLACK DANCE SHORTS: Black Dance Shorts with our Pink and White Rap N Tap Logo. Mandatory for all Senior, Junior, Petite, Mini company and any student competing to have for Competition with Team Jacket. Also, perfect item for students to wear in classes!
  PRICE: $30.00 ADULT SIZES: XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL ( add $4 for 2X ) YOUTH SIZES: XS,S,M,L

  3. BLACK DANCE SPORTS BRA: Black Racerback Style Sports Bra with our Pink and White Rap N Tap Logo. Perfect for students to wear in classes! NEW material than last year. Much more support!!
  PRICE: $28.00 ADULT SIZES: XS,S,M,L,XL,2X ( add $4 for 2X ) YOUTH SIZES: S,M,L

  4. HOODED PULL OVER SWEAT SHIRT: Black hooded pull over with Pink and White Rap N Tap logo on back and Front. Most popular! NEW lighter less heavy material than previous year's. Much more comfy!! 
  PRICE: $50.00 ADULT SIZES: S,M,L,XL,2X,3X (add $4 for 2X and 3X) YOUTH SIZES: S,M,L,XL

  5. T-SHIRT: Black T-shirt with Rap N Tap logo on front corner. 
  PRICE: $25.00 ADULT SIZES: XS,S,M,L,1X,2X,3X (add $4 for 2X and 3X) YOUTH SIZES: S,M,L

  6. RAP N TAP DANCE DUFFLE BAG: Black Large Duffle dance bag with the Rap N Tap logo on it. 
  PRICE: $45.00

*Boys who purchase any item can have the Pink color in Logo changed if requested*
*We will accept checks, money orders or cash. Checks written to: Rap N Tap School of Dance*

  *Halloween Dress Up Week: All students with the exception of company classes may wear a Halloween costume to their dance class starting Monday October 22 - Saturday October 27.




  *We are still accepting new students providing classes are not full.
  *This is a friendly reminder that all Monthly tuition is due the first week of each month. Our late fee policy will be applied to all late payments.
  *Please do not use cell phones in classes. Please put in a dance bag or Purse with volume OFF.
  *Please Secure your hair tightly away from face and wear proper dance attire/dance shoes.
  *No gum chewing in dance class.
  *Please pick up after yourselves, remain seated quietly in waiting room andno hanging out in hallway. Please stay in waiting room until the teacher lines class up!
  *Please write your name on all your dance wear and dance shoes.