December 2017 Newsletter

*Christmas/Winter Vacation Shut Down: The studio will close on Saturday December 23 and will re-open on Tuesday January 2. We wish all students and their families a Safe and Happy Holiday vacation!

  *Final Costume Payment: The final costume payment will be due during the week of Tuesday January 2 - Monday January 8, 2018. We will accept cash or money orders only. No checks allowed! You will receive your Final Costume Bill during the week of December 4 - 9. The final costume charges will range between $35-$40 per costume and there will be a tight charge fee added as well. Please submit your costume bill along with your payment. 
*Parent Observance Week: Our first parent observance will be held during the week of Monday January 22 - Saturday January 27.

  *Weather Shut Down: It is that time of year already where we may have some potential bad weather conditions which may cause the studio to shut down. Please call the studio two hours prior to your scheduled dance class if it is snowing/icy. There will be a recorded message indicating whether or not classes are going to be canceled. You may also check online at and click on the Events tab 2 hours prior to class time or check Rap n Tap's Facebook. Please do not assume there is no dance class just because Amesbury schools shut down. As stated in the rules/regulation form signed at time of registration, there will be no make-up classes if bad weather causes the studio to close unless your class got canceled more than 3 times. 

  *Checks written to Rap N Tap: Please write the students name that payment is for in the MEMO on all checks written to Rap N Tap. Thanks!!  

  *Facebook: Rap n Tap has a Facebook page and we invite all our students, families and friends to please 'LIKE' our Facebook page. All important studio information will be posted on FB as well. Thank you!!!


  1. Monthly tuition is due the first class of each month.
  2. Outside shoes are not allowed in dance class.
  3. Please secure hair back off your face and no gum allowed.
  4. Pick up after yourselves and don't forget to take your belongings home.
  5. Write your name on all your dance shoes/dance wear.
  6. No cell phone use in dance class.
  7. Respect all class mates and teachers and please remain quiet in waiting rooms. 
  8. HAVE FUN!!