Hair and Make-up Recital 2024

Classes and age divisions 2-3 years, 4-5 years and 6-7 years Hair & Make-up:

Hair: High Ponytail (crown of head). Use gel to slick the hair back into a ponytail and hairspray to create a wispy free look. Use elastics, bobby pins and hair clips that best match color of hair. 

Make-up: Silver glitter/sparkle on entire eyelid up to eyebrow, Pink blush and Red lipstick.
Classes and age Divisions 8 years & up:

Hair: Slicked back Low Ponytail (straightened) with a center part. After creating the center part brush the hair diagonally down into the low ponytail. Use gel and hairspray to create a clean no wispy slicked back look. Use elastics, bobby pins and clips that best match the color of your hair. 

Make-up: Below is a list of make-up. If you cannot find the exact colors/brands just use something comparable. If you need help with how to apply make-up please refer to this make-up tutorial video we created several years ago to help. Youtube tutorial if needed is: 
RNT 2015 Make-up

1. Eye shadow: Maybelline CHAI LATTE 22Q
2. Lipstick: Covergirl OULAST all day lip color #840 SIGNATURE SCARLET
3. Blush: Loreal Paris True Match super blendable Blush C7-8 SPICED PLUM or any color similar

Also need to have but can be your choice. 
*All in one Foundation/Primer 
*Bronzer - Choose a color one shade darker than normal skin tone.
*Lipliner any red that best matches the lipstick above. 
*WATERPROOF Black Mascara 
*WATERPROOF Black Eyeliner 

 NOTE: Only Junior Rec, Junior & Senior Company dancers need to wear fake eyelashes. All other dancers only need to wear the mascara. Also, for the dancers that are younger, if parents are having hard time applying eyeliner no worries. You do not have to force it. The eyeliner can be difficult to apply on younger kids. Do your best but no need to worry if it’s not going on easily. Lastly, dancers do not need to apply the white eyeliner that is shown in the video because that was for competition years ago.

Recital 2024 Hair & Make-up