​Dress Rehearsal Rules
Saturday June 11, 2022 Amesbury High School
In order for the rehearsal to run smoothly, we have provided you with some rules and regulations that all students/parents must abide by. Please read carefully, and if there are any questions or concerns please speak with Carol or Shantell before recital day.

1. Arrival time is 9:30am. At this time, dancers must be dressed in the first costume of the show with hair done. Please BE ON TIME because we start lining up the entire 1st half of show at 9:50am. Remember…no make-up needed for dress rehearsal or gel/hairspray and save your fresh tights for recital.
2. Upon arrival, all dancers must check in at the Student Check-in Table. Please look for signs outside/inside the school to lead you to check-in area. All students in classes 6-7 years and younger, must have 1 parent/guardian to accompany them. Parents will not need a parent pass but must check in at the student check in table with their child.
3. Immediately go to your assigned class table in the cafeteria. If a dancer is in multiple classes, go to the assigned table for your FIRST routine. Remain in changing area until all dancers are called to line up for the entire first half of the show. At this time, parents can take a seat in the auditorium. We have backstage helpers to assist ALL young children if they need to go to bathroom or have any problems while waiting to perform. While the children are lined up in hallway waiting for their routine they will NOT have to stand entire time. We will allow them to sit with their group while waiting for their turn until a couple routines prior and at that point they will stand to get ready. Our helpers will keep them entertained by stretching etc…Parents with young children must get their child in the dressing room immediately after their LAST routine is over unless you need to help them with costume changes which is your responsibility. You may leave after your last routine is rehearsed. While waiting for everything to start, you can organize your costumes, stretch and review routines quietly. NO RUNNING OR TUMBLING IS ALLOWED!
4. No Men are allowed in the dressing room (cafeteria). There will be a separate boy’s dressing room.
5. No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium at any time. You may have food and water in the dressing rooms only. Please no drinks or food that can stain costumes. NO FOOD WITH PEANUTS ALLOWED! 
6. No jewelry (unless part of costume) or bright color finger/toe nail polish allowed.
7. No smoking on school premises.
8. There will be Do Not Enter Signs on certain doors and other signs throughout the high school so please read all signs and do as they say.
9. Please Do Not approach Carol or Shantell during dress Rehearsal unless an emergency. There is more than enough to do in a little amount of time; therefore, the less they are distracted the more smoothly the rehearsal will go. There will be backstage helpers available to help out with questions and concerns, and if they can’t answer the questions then they will approach Carol or Shantell.
10. Do not touch anything in the dressing rooms, stage area, bathrooms etc.. that is school property.
11. If you perform only in the second half of the show, then you may quietly watch the 1st half (kids in classes 6-7 and younger must stay with their parents in auditorium). If you are not in second half of show then you may quietly watch 2nd half . 
12. Before leaving, everyone pick up. Throw away all trash and double check that you have all costumes, accessories, and shoes. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Keep in mind you will need to return back at 3:00 in full costume, hair and make-up. There will not be a lot of time in between the end of rehearsal into recital so make sure to give yourself enough time to refresh hair and make-up and to have a bite to eat! 
13. Approximate pick up time for students in classes 8 years and older will be 12:30pm. However the 2nd half of the show could still be rehearsing and running a little later than 12:30. If that is the case, please take a seat in auditorium until your child is done. Also, if your child has a cell phone they can call when done for pick up or use a backstage helpers phone to call for pick up. 
Recital Rules
Saturday June 11, 2022
 Amesbury High School
1. Arrival time is 3:00pm, with first costume on and hair and make-up done.
2. Check in at the Student Check-in Table. If a parent is assisting a child ( 6-7 yr classes or younger ), they will need to present their recital ticket at this time, but cannot enter the auditorium and get seats until the doors open to the public. 
3. The doors do not open to the public until 3:30pm, and until that time only Rap N Tap Crew is allowed in the auditorium.
4. Go to assigned class table in cafeteria and organize costumes and stretch again quietly. Remain in dressing room until we line up the entire 1st Half of the recital. Parents with young children ages 2-7, please stay with your child until their class is called to line up for the first half. Once the class is lined up and with helpers then you may leave your child and take your seat in the auditorium. 
5. No dancer is allowed on stage until show time, unless permission to do so.
6. Unlike Dress Rehearsal, during the actual recital when we line up entire first half of show, any dancer NOT in the first half must remain in the cafeteria at their assigned tables. However, we have helpers assigned to the 6/7 year old groups to watch over during the 1st half. All 2-5 yr classes are in the first half and also have helpers while waiting in the hallway for their turn. No child will be left unattended whether it is in the hallway waiting in line or in cafeteria waiting. Just like dress rehearsal, parents with young children must get their child in the dressing room immediately after their LAST routine is over unless you need to help them with costume changes which is your responsibility. Once they are done with their last routine they can sit on a lap in auditorium with their parents. Do not allow a child to sit in a seat because ALL seats are reserved, please have them sit on a parents lap or someone’s lap in your own group of seats.  
7. All students must make way to the hallway area and quietly line up for the Award/Bow Ceremony by routine #35 in the recital. Please get in the same order as practiced at the studio. All dancers will be receiving a special award to skip out with during the bow ceremony so we hope ALL dancers can stay and be a part of our celebration. However, the Saturday morning 2-3 year class dancers will receive their award after their last routine since at this age it may be very difficult to last until the ceremony. If there are any other young dancers that cannot make the award/bow ceremony please let us know ahead of time so we can give them their award after they are done dancing. 
8. All other rules stated for dress rehearsal still apply during recital as well. Lastly, HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK!!! 
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